Seller Policy is a marketplace where you can sell your products by our website from home and supplies directly to customer’s .We want to make sure that you and your customer’s have a positive experience on

Please read on to find out more about your rights, as well as what is expected of you, as a seller. By opening an account of seller, you are agreeing to this terms and policy. Terms and policy of seller are as follows-

1) How to become a seller?

-A seller must have completed registration from our website by the instruction of registration process.

(2) Selling process of seller:

-A seller will upload his product on our website. The customer will see the uploaded product and contact the seller to find out if the product is available. If you like the product, you will order by paying to Allshoper on our website. The seller will send the product to the customer.

(3) What can be sold on allshoper?

 -You can sell all legal products in Bangladesh according to the law.

(4) What can't be sold on allshoper?

-You can’t sell all legal products in Bangladesh according to the law.

(5) Managing your allshoper shop?

-All shops in Allshoper will be online. The shops will be registered in the name of different sellers. One has to register the seller which is completely free. The product will be sold through the sale process to the target customer in Bangladesh.

(6) Seller Fees:  The seller will deduct 10% of the total sales of the seller and the seller will get the rest of the money.

(7) How to withdraw seller amount?

-The seller can take his income through bank/mobile banking. If at least 5000 is added to the seller's wallet account, the seller will be able to withdraw the money.

(9) Return and Refund policy of sellers.

-If the customer returns the product that the seller will sell, then the customer will be given a refund or re-purchase of the product with the money paid for the product.