Privacy Policy Page

We collect the personal information you provide at various times while you are using our website, and our primary goal in doing so is to provide you with a secure, efficient, smooth, and customized experience. You are assisting us with your information to meet your potential and necessary needs, to make your experience with us safer and easier, and to customize our website to suit your needs. And more importantly, we consider the personal information we collect from you to be necessary. We collect and store your information in several ways: When you log in to our website, we collect and store some information in order to respond to your requests, to customize future purchases for you, to improve our stores, and to use the information you provide to communicate with you.

We store certain types of information whenever you contact us. Like other websites, we use “cookies”. We even collect your information via email. Our customer information is an important part of our business, and we do not sell it to others. More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information